The Lego Movie (2014)

Be advised: this film is not for children.

Forget Inception. Creating your own world was as easy as breathing. At night, you would lie in your bed while four or five different ideas would duel for your consent to become a reality in the morning.

Houses would become mansions. Mansions would become castles where mighty dragons would be thwarted in epic battles by a yellow fire fighter.Β What made this possible? Lego. Those little bricks that began building children’s dreams 65 years ago.

When you think back to those childhood memories – back to those tales where anything and everything was possible – I can confirm, without a doubt, The Lego Movie is film for adults.

Just like new Lego figurines fresh out of the box, Emmet is a ordinary, cheerful, delightfully yellow builder. He may seem dull and boring to anyone else but to us he’s, unsurprisingly, destined for greatness!Β Emmet becomes entangled in an extraordinary battle for the fate of everyone in the Lego universe.

Now let’s think about how a film with so many childhood elements can possibly suit only those of us with a national insurance number.

A way to a child’s heart is humour (it’s not a saying, I just made it up). The witty, sarcastic and sophisticated jokes and one-liners split the side of the youths within us.

Not only is the dialogue chuckle worthy, the storyline is an enjoyable and well thought out journey for us as viewers. Plus, the attention to detail of the surroundings and the little yellow extras makes it seem like they’ve been writing this film since 1949.

Voices attached to big names like Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks and Will Farrell offer the experience needed to pull off this comedic feat.

The Lego Movie gives us so much to take in, it’s hard to believe the film is based on a toy many of us put away for good when our years hit double digits.

And even if you didn’t play with any Lego bricks when you were a kid, after watching this it’s likely you still won’t want to but you’ll probably wish you had.


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