The Strain (2014-)

Another fun and bitter sweet fantasy from Del Toro.

I always enjoy Guillermo Del Toro’s concoctions. He comes across as a man who really doesn’t take himself too seriously.

When I watch films like Hellboy, Pacific Rim and Julia’s Eyes I can’t help but appreciate this guy’s amazing imagination and love of storytelling.

I don’t know much about comic books or graphic novels, from which The Strain is adapted, but this show makes me want to pick up one for sure.

Del Toro is not about clean lines or Hollywood’s glistening sunsets and happy endings. As is consistent with his great work, The Strain gets its hands dirty in the murky world of fantasy.

Dr. Ephraim “Eph” Goodweather works for the CDC and is called to investigate a plane that ‘goes dark’ and lands in New York with everyone dead on board. Then four of them wake up…at first.

The evil shadowy creature called The Master is revealed to us in just the second episode, making it not-so-mysterious very quickly. But this didn’t take away from enjoying the show very much.

We focus instead on the vampiric virus that takes hold of its hosts, changing humans into something else entirely.

As you can imagine humanity isn’t ready to hear about an ancient force of supernatural origin slowly but steadily taking hold of New York and for Eph and his team, fighting this thing is an uphill struggle.

The contents of the show we are familiar with and are not that original except in the most important way – the way the story is told.

The Strain is no different it’s dramatic, outrageous, tongue-in-cheek serious fun. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea though, but to those who find it sweet to the taste it should go down a dream!


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