The Leftovers (2014-)

The drama that hides the supernatural in plain sight.

This new supernatural drama has got me restless. I’m not satisfied, comfortable or content with each episode I watch.

The Sudden Departure – an event that occurs on 14 October sees 2% of the world’s population disappear from the face of the earth. It doesn’t get more mysterious than that.

We follow the town of Mapleton, with particular focus on Kevin Garvey who reluctantly becomes sheriff after his predecessor gets institutionalised – who happens to also be his father.

Kevin doesn’t lose his family on 14 October, but the effects of that day break them up anyway. No-one is unaffected.

What more can be done to help people move on? What if the Departed return? The complex emotions and the resulting relationships that form and break are so gripping to watch.

In the wake of the event, the world creates a census of the Departed to find a pattern – a logical answer to why the ones that disappeared were ‘chosen’. But instead they only dig up secrets about their loved ones. Not all of them good. Everyone has skeletons.

And as a typical, eager audience we expect and anticipate answers. But we don’t get them as quickly as we would like or are usually accustomed to.

With some of the answers to the Departure bubbling just beneath the surface, they show their face here and there. Just enough to keep us keen.

The world is still spinning but under a microscope, the lives of those left behind have been frozen in time unable to move on.

Are the Departed dead? Are they in a place worse than death? Are they coming back? Who are the lucky ones, really? I’m just itching to find out (but with a second series coming up, we may have to wait even longer!)


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