Gone Girl (2014)

A lesson on marriage and life.

When I think of Ben Affleck, no memorable qualities come to mind.

I don’t know him personally so it’s likely I’m misjudging the guy. He’s probably got a great personality!

I just don’t see it come out in his performances on screen. Luckily, that’s just what his character, Nick Dunne, needs in Gone Girl.

Affleck’s ‘bland’ personality on screen is the exact reason we REALLY don’t know if, on Nick’s fifth wedding anniversary to wife Amy, his call to the police reporting her missing is genuine or if he knows exactly where his wife is (presuming he put her there).

Now let’s talk about Rosamund Pike who’s the real star. She plays Affleck’s missing wife, Amy.

I’m not into giving away spoilers so all I’ll say is Pike’s performance is shows a range of skills I hadn’t seen from her before.

I know Rosamund has featured in quite a few blockbusters but until now, we haven’t been presented a product that shows her best qualities. Well, until now.

You may be thinking “if she’s missing, how has she got all this screen time to show us these amazing acting skills?”

Director David Fincher expertly weaves into the manhunt for Amy a series of flashbacks of the couple’s relationship from Amy’s perspective, which then helps us see their marriage hasn’t been plain sailing after all – not as perfect as Nick is telling the police and the media anyway.

Fincher is a master at keeping the atmosphere tense, even with the slow pace of the film.

So as Nick takes us through a fictitious present, Amy takes us through a more believable past but there are still massive twists waiting for us when the two stories finally converge.

It seems like a lesson in married life and the turbulence of Nick and Amy’s is enough to put a lot of people off a little bit. Marriage is about high emotions like love, anger, lust and frustration which eventually leads to compromise.

Though for some reason, seeing Pike in this film makes me think I want to get married even more. If you’ve seen the film you’ll probably think I’m a bit crazy. Maybe I am.


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