The Affair (2014-)

An anticlimax waiting to happen?

So, here we have a classic man meets woman situation. A loving husband, Noah, takes his family on a regular summer holiday to his in-Laws enormous mansion in a small town far from the big city.

In a small town cafe he meets a beautiful waitress who is married too. At this point, with the look in his eyes when they first meet we know that no matter how hard he fights it, no matter how good a father he seems to be, he’s going to cheat with this woman.

The thing that makes this interesting is each episode also tells us their story from the point of view of waitress Alison. And it turns out to be a slightly different story.

Who is the instigator of this affair? Who is pursuing who?

The narration from Nathan and Alison throughout series takes place from a interview room of a police station where they are speaking to a detective about a suspicious death.

The unique thing about this show that made me want to watch more is to two different stories from Alison and Noah. You want to find out why their stories are different. Which one’s true? Is any of it true?

It’s also the characters and the relationships with their loved ones that are intriguing to watch. There’sย TWOย marriages on the line in this one.

We are soon immersed in an erotic study documenting the battle between society’s view on responsibility and monogamy and one’s lustful nature.

One thing that I think may not work in its favour is how the stories building to a crescendo where someone dies, which is neither new nor easy to get right.

We are pretty numb to on-screen deaths these days – we even have kids killing kids in The Hunger Games – so it doesn’t have that much on an impact on its own. There needs to be something else to surprise, shock or awe us if we aren’t left feeling deflated if/when the killer is revealed. On to series 2 we go!


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