The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (2014)

The revolution has begun.

Katniss has finally found her calling – she’s the one to take down the Capitol. We’ve waited 3 years for this!

Catching Fire set the hearts of people everywhere ablaze with the action of the Games and, more importantly, the emotions, the oppression and the destitution forced on the districts by President Snow and the Capitol.

The stage was set to bring all of Pan Am to the fore to stand beside the Mockingjay.

So why do I feel so demotivated? Why do I feel deflated, not to mention disappointed. Because I don’t think this happened.

We move into a political revolution from the societal struggle and bravery of Katniss firing ___ volts into the Games’ arena and the Capitol’s ego in Catching Fire. It is now all about propaganda and who can use it to turn the Districts to their side.

Confined to District 13, except for small excursions to film some rebellious campaigning videos, Katniss and her comrades struggle to come to terms with the ruins that used to be their home in 12.

The film is definitely a build up to the final film. The final dual between Katniss and Snow. The final opportunity for one side or the other to be victorious. After seeing Part 1, the conclusion is the one I’m banking all my hopes on.


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