The Martian (2015)

Space doesn’t look that bad after all!

Not too far into the future, mankind finds a way to travel the long distances to visit other planets. That’s not unlike many stories we’ve been told before.

During a mission on Mars a sandstorm forces a space crew to leave behind a member of the team, who is presumed dead. Again, we’ve been there, done that.

Mark Watney, an engineer and a botanist, wakes up in a pile of red dust left by the storm to find that he is completely and utterly alone. So we’d expect a dramatic story to follow, full of mystery, betrayal and cynicism.

But that’s not what happens next. I was surprised, confused even. This film is dramatic to say the least, but is also all about collaboration, willpower and a whole lot of humour.

Watney doesn’t lose hope, he’s empowered by it. And so begins to narrate to us what he needs to do to survive on Mars. How to grow food and create water from virtually nothing.

When the world learns that Watney is still alive and kicking, it doesn’t try and cover it up. Earth sets to work, great minds band together with a collective effort to figure out how to pull off the greatest rescue mission in history.

Matt Damon brings such flare to the role of leading actor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a comedic role and having me laugh out loud.

Supporting characters are overflowing with star-studded actors and actresses who play their characters perfectly.

This is the ultimate film of hope, unity and strength.

I’m told the film is kept quite close to the bestselling novel from which it’s adapted. And if you ask me, the result is an awesome adventure that is not like those that have come before it.


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