Mr. Robot (2015-)

We can do more, buy more, live more but we’ve never been less free.

What can money buy, really? People say it brings you happiness but in today’s world it locks us in a perpetual cycle of reliance.

Credit means we shop for things with money that’s not ours. We can only live a ‘good life’ if we’re in debt.

Cashing in on the world’s debt is one of the many ways Evil Corp – yes you read that right, Evil Corp – has become the most powerful company that has ever existed.

Elliot is a young computer programmer by day and a hacker by night.

Social anxiety disorder means Elliot doesn’t do well around people except his childhood friend Angela. He knows he doesn’t ‘get’ people and the only way he can decipher them is to hack them.

Although he works for the cybersecurity company that keeps Evil Corp safe from hackers and other online miscreants, he knows what’s right and what’s not.

That’s when he gets recruited by free spirited Mr. Robot and his hacker group ‘fsociety’.

The special thing I love about Mr. Robot is we are in his head. He talks to us as if we only exist for him and that gives us an interesting and very personal insight into how he thinks.

The story is also so relatable to how we live now. The story represents the situation we all find ourselves in but most of us are too afraid, ignorant or incapable of changing.

In modern times the world exists for one reason: money. With Elliot’s help, fsociety want to cripple that system to free the world from money’s stranglehold on our lives.

Falling down the rabbit hole, we witness Elliot’s struggle with his own sanity while working to pull off the most adventurous hacking operation in history.

Mr. Robot is more than just entertainment, it reminds us of what we know to be true through the eyes of Elliot.

Extremely personal in its feel, yet globally epic and relevant to all of us, Mr. Robot is a must watch in my opinion.


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