Room (2015)

A stunning narrative of captivity and innocence through the eyes of a child.

I’m sure you’ll agree parenthood means wanting the best for our children. We want to shield them from anything and everything that could harm them, anything that threatens their innocence.

But what if they’re born into a situation that does nothing but threaten that innocence?

That’s the impossible situation a mother finds herself in. She’s spent seven years as a prisoner in a room after being abducted, with no contact with anyone but her abductor and her five year old son Jack.

If you’re any good at maths you’ll have realised that Jack was born into captivity.

How can she keep him from the unimaginable truth? Tell him that the room which holds them is ‘the world’, and that’s it.

What you see on the beaten up television isn’t real – trees, other humans, buildings and oceans do not exist and never will.

Room is a fantastic telling of captivity through the eyes of Jack and the survival instincts of a mother that kick in to protect her son.

Hope is simultaneously drained as we begin to comprehend their reality and replenished as Jack lives in complete contentment with life in ‘Room’.

Is that all we need to survive – to know that we are loved? Do we need anything more than a room to be happy as long as we have our loved ones?

The answer is a resounding no and when Jack turns five a journey that unfolds that takes him to places much bigger than just four walls.

There’s so much emotion that runs through this film and I thoroughly enjoyed feeling every single one of them.


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