6 reasons why Daredevil is a masterpiece

You might be someone who hasn’t watched Daredevil before. Maybe you have. All I know for sure is that this television show is a masterpiece. That’s a bold statement, but I assure you it’s for a good reason. Well, six actually.

A main character you love from episode one

Matt Murdoch became blind though an accident as a child and gained superhuman senses. But we don’t pity him, we relate to his struggle with right and wrong. He feels like a down to earth, humble person and that’s what make us root for him.

A supporting cast that really matters

No character is a waste of space or airtime. They all are integral to the development of Murdoch’s story and the larger plot that unfolds.

Murdoch’s long-standing friendship with his partner in law Foggy is completely and utterly believable; be warned, they could make you wish you had a friendship like theirs!

Their secretary Karen isn’t only there for her baby blue eyes, she’s right in the action with the rest of them. And the other characters all have their own distinct stories which are given enough time to develop and sink in.

A villain with so many layers

There are very few films and shows that really explore what makes the bad guy the ‘bad guy’. But Daredevil shows us it’s not as black and white as that. We see just what makes a person do evil things.

But that doesn’t mean good guys can do evil too – we see Matt Murdoch plagued with this self-guilt throughout (but not in an annoying way!)

A rock solid plotline weaved together with individual backstories

There are some thrilling fights scenes but most of the time is given to great storytelling.

The premise is simple, easy to understand and thrilling. This leaves plenty of room for telling Matt Murdoch’s story in great detail and building up to the highly anticipated finale.

The dialogue is brilliant; what’s said feels like an actual person could say them and it only adds to the characters’ personalities and the gripping atmosphere.

A variety of genres in perfect balance

Action? Of course! But that’s only a small part. Daredevil covers the realms of drama (and lots of it), crime, a bit of sci-fi and even some romance that isn’t forced.

The show isn’t just one thing, it brings together different elements to make it a well rounded and much more enjoyable and satisfying experience.

It looks good!

Marvel leaves behind its lighthearted ‘Tony Stark’-style personality and adopts Warner Bros’ gritty nature for this show and it works perfectly.

Beautiful and riveting shots emphasise the city of Hell’s Kitchen in all its dark corners and shadowy spirit. There is a clear recognition that the lines between good and evil aren’t clear, but there’s always hope that Matt Murdoch will choose the right path.

Daredevil is dark, intoxicating and will leave you wanting more.

And if you’ve not seen it yet, make sure you have a look at the Season 2 trailer!


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