Will Black Mirror survive the switch from Channel 4 to Netflix?

You may or may not have heard that there’s always been a lot of hype around the TV series, Black Mirror.

Its clever storylines that turn technology on its head to show you the dark side of how it could affect society has been regarded as genius, original and, most importantly, thought provoking.

Channel 4’s stewardship of the show lasted for 2 series and now ever expanding Netflix has taken the reigns of Black Mirror for its latest outing.

Some would say that this is great for the show. A bigger budget; bigger actors; the glossier look of Hollywood (Netflix is an American company after all), etc.

I’m not going to give any storylines away here but from some of the promotional ads that were released ahead of the release date (check out the official trailer above) give a stylistic taste of what’s to come.

So, what does Black Mirror gain from Netflix?

Yes, Netflix brought in a whopping $6.78 billion (or £5.54 billion) last year and Channel 4 only a measly £979 million so there’s more money to play with. But this isn’t Channel 4’s first rodeo and it has no trouble producing high quality content.

Yes, there were some big names on the Black Mirror roster this time out but I think it’s all relative. The actors in the two previous series – they are mostly British for obvious reasons -were already big in their own right. Seasoned professionals who know how to act.

OK, how about a glossier ‘Hollywood’ look? I think many of you who’ve seen the show would agree that the ‘down to earth’ feel that British television is known for is exactly what makes Black Mirror so eerily comparable to, well, real life.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Black Mirror was doing pretty well on Channel 4.

What I think Netflix really offers Black Mirror

Personally, I’ve enjoyed series 3 a lot but it does feel a bit different from before.

But what I am happy about is the timing of this switch. Netflix has made it very clear that it’s now very serious about making seriously good content.

Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, Narcos, Orphan Black, Jessica Jones, The Killing, House of Cards – just a few hit shows that millions of people have been binging on over the past few years.

And Black Mirror definitely belongs on that list.

Which brings me onto the second reason I’m happy about the switch: there’s no doubt that Channel 4 had lots of viewers, but the fact that this show can potentially be accessed by many more is great.

I, for one, want as many people to watch it this show as possible.
Black Mirror is a masterpiece of entertainment, but at the same time it teaches us about ourselves and about our society. 

It makes us stop and think about what we do, how we live, what we think, and how we treat people. 

It gives us a sour taste of what today’s technology could turn us into.

And before it’s too late it has given us fair warning of how technology could take away the vital ingredient that makes us ‘us’: our humanity.


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